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Spring Equinox

Nature / relationships

Spring Equinox After 5 hours at the A & E        what’s left of purpose? Trying to keep the wolf from the door sometimes I can feel it travelling down walls I took the recycling out between insurance policies    bank statements an essay about greenhouse gas emissions I tightened up like a nut in winter I don’t need to be spared What matters     that I care    am there eyes wide […]

pic of the week

Weekly photo blog

collective this week I took part in a poetry & dance workshop at the Southbank and in a small group of creative women we wrote this poem collectively: And I allow myself to flow still judging my words. Although there’s no wrong they’re still so separate – and I don’t know why She tried to think of the colour of milk, safe and untouched Just because… I don’t know: the pleasure to follow and to […]