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Spring Equinox

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Nature / relationships

Spring Equinox After 5 hours at the A & E        what’s left of purpose? Trying to keep the wolf from the door sometimes I can feel it travelling down walls I took the recycling out between insurance policies    bank statements an essay about greenhouse gas emissions I tightened up like a nut in winter I don’t need to be spared What matters     that I care    am there eyes wide […]

day-dreamy days

Nature / relationships

Would it make me a better person if I could remember what I used to daydream about? They are back thorny rusty right-angled casting spells in the speed of knowing little time left the elegance of not caring about it their webs the same silk as moth cocoons Gone now that black feathered fuzzy moth on the wall above us as we made love somewhere dark and reassuring living the night like your soul immune […]

Between the Years, 2017


On the tumulus sun rays reach the tops of twisted trees drawing creamy lines between ancient oaks like a spider’s web. Beneath lichen-licked twigs leaves remain frozen in dying their silence striking a chord on my heart. * Days I cannot grasp blur past like a landscape in a blizzard tugging me off-course. Snow casts darkness before laying to rest on Earth muffled by the density of compact clouds I move past shadows that are […]


Travelling / Uncategorized

I wish I could start writing about Brussels all over again. I wonder whether I’d still have to explain that it was actually Mechelen we went to and never Brussels though we did have a golden afternoon in Brussels that ended on a high look-out – the city, framed by dirty baby-boy blue with pink stains in it, to our feet. Ashen but ready to rise as we walked back down into it. Also, I […]

pic of the week

Weekly photo blog

reflections this week was far too busy and too computer heavy so here’s an express post of the week. one of my favourite photography motifs is reflections. here are two from this week from two of my favourite places in london, The Wapping Project and Trinity Buoy Wharf.