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pic of the week

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rain that’s what we’ve had lots of this week. and if it wasn’t raining it was threatening to. it was drizzling. it was damp. there were puddles everywhere. gigantic puddles. and some not so friendly drivers that set off avalanches of filthy puddle water over innocent passers-by. to my own surprise i found myself mostly enjoying it. extending my hibernation and avoiding to go out as much as possible. if going out then moving around […]

pic of the week

deep:black / Weekly photo blog

spaciousness this week we went up to Norfolk for a 3-day creative deep:black retreat. it’s been full of miracles from playful seals to stranded sea stars, patient birds of prey, bright rainbows, noisy thunderstorms, empty beaches, grassy sand dunes, to big skies and even bigger seas. i’m amazed at how being in nature and in the elements immediately makes me feel more whole and alive – strange that i have just read this quote by […]