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Two things came together like two rivers that merge, becoming one. Both things have a somewhat blurry start somewhere way back like those rivers that must have been streams before, and before that little trickles, and a breaking out of the underground at some distant beginning. One of the things was prompted by my friend who I first met when we both returned from having lived abroad – Madagascar in her case, Uganda in mine […]

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The other day I found myself ticking the box ‘do you consider yourself part of a minority‘ and was a bit shocked myself about that. Yes, for some time now I’ve been feeling increasingly aware of my status as an EU citizen – or ‘migrant’ as it’s now often referred to . And of course it’s far more complicated than the simplicity of a perfectly square tick-box suggests: for once, nobody among my friends in […]

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freedom this staircase is part of Freedom the anarchist bookshop in whitechapel. i went to see jane’s exhibition there and really enjoyed her reflections of the changes in the lea valley over the past 4 years as part of the pre-olympic regeneration. i also really enjoyed this staircase which looked & sounded massively loved and slightly neglected. i particularly enjoyed the fire extinguisher next to it that looked not very loved and not at all neglected. it […]