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  vision no wonder it looks exotic to me still in it’s full spring garb: it’s a migrant from southeastern United States also a little ancient miracle as it appeared before the bees and made it – thanks to a curious beetle – into our times and my garden where this year another miracle transpired when El Niño teased her flowers out in mid January then the belated winter kept them intact for over two […]

mornington bear

Mornington Bear / Portrait

mornington bear i first met him outside our house at 08:12 on Monday morning perched on a wee little chair like mornington king i was late for a safeguarding training we met again 5 days later he was sitting in a dark corner of No 13 i let him into the sunlit conservatory where he studied old collectors books on Sunday morning he begged me to run him a bath – he had a proper splash kept singing […]

on language & finding home


“Die Suche nach einer bewohnbaren Sprache in einem bewohnbaren Land”* The last time I travelled back from Germany to London – my Wahlheimat (which my dictionary translates with ‘adopted home’ but that doesn’t really convey that sense of warmth, choice and voluntariness of the German phrase) – was in late November, just over a week after the devastating attacks in Paris. I travelled with my friend Katharine; we had to change trains in Stuttgart and […]


Stories / Travelling

Two things came together like two rivers that merge, becoming one. Both things have a somewhat blurry start somewhere way back like those rivers that must have been streams before, and before that little trickles, and a breaking out of the underground at some distant beginning. One of the things was prompted by my friend who I first met when we both returned from having lived abroad – Madagascar in her case, Uganda in mine […]

Meet the Migrants


photos from Park Güell, Barcelona © petrahilgers 2015 The other day I’ve been hanging out with Anita for an hour, talking art: she asked me about my trip to Barcelona and we conversed about Gaudi, our shared soft spot for Art Nouveaux and about ceramic art. Anita revealed that her big love are the Post-Impressionists and told me how she went to Amsterdam once and like a child awaiting Christmas she was eagerly anticipating her […]