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white EU migrant woman & black Caribbean British Canadian man ‘What is I beheld?’ ‘Past tense from I behold.’ ‘But what’s that in non-Shakespearean-English?’ ‘It’s real English. It’s like (pauses) I behold that tree’ (gestures with his arm somewhere outside) ‘Like I see that tree?’ ‘Like Fuck! Check this tree out!’ Behold that man. Advertisements

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keys you may think “what a dull photo has she put up here today???” and i admit that i’d agree with you – largely. my niece in germany asked me to send her a photo of my computer keyboard because she knew from our email exchanges that my english keyboard wasn’t well equipped to write a language full of ‘ü’, ‘ä’ and ‘ö’ and the occasional ‘ß’ as well as the ‘z’ (used very often […]