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autumn has now come a one-legged pigeon poised on the cemetery signpost patient and undisturbed letting me pass while cold rain enwraps us both gathering on the ground in puddles black and murky like old engine oil a tree trunk is split into three muscular tendons of three different colours – red, ochre, green – the tree standing tall and straight like a sculpture exposed to be admired this is autumn rain full of disillusion […]

Pic of the week

Weekly photo blog

Woolwich creatures I happened on this pigeon the other day as I was walking around Woolwich Dockyard. I found myself being at the same time fascinated & unsettled by the area which looks partly deserted & dead and partly very industrious & busy. I nearly stepped on the pigeon and noticed it just in time – strange, but I know that I would have felt really upset if I had stepped on it especially because […]