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tipping point

Bow / London / Nature

out on the cemetery daffodils burst into yellow in early December in time for the Climate Talks tipping point is when the order of things becomes inevitable the laws of gravity superseding common sense when a tipper lorry has slowly gained so much momentum that stopping is impossible even for the unexpected cyclist appearing on the obscure under-path when outside the cemetery gate a 15-year old Bengali boy squares up to two young men who […]

pic of the week

Weekly photo blog

twelfth night on the high street a man heaves two christmas trees into the back of a van the golden stars that once gilded the tree tops now dangle down on limp branches bedecked with dried oranges the fragrance still sharp and sweet the two trees are entangled as if hugging each other for their last journey next door someone cleans the large window around a racing bike that leans against the glass it starts […]