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I wish I could start writing about Brussels all over again. I wonder whether I’d still have to explain that it was actually Mechelen we went to and never Brussels though we did have a golden afternoon in Brussels that ended on a high look-out – the city, framed by dirty baby-boy blue with pink stains in it, to our feet. Ashen but ready to rise as we walked back down into it. Also, I […]

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Something has shifted. It began recently on a Sunday in September when I woke up from thoughts of doubt and betrayal, feeling perfectly uneasy, first, then angry which was almost a relief. Since then things kept changing. Every new day another leaf fallen, the tree a bit barer, the light a degree warmer, the air a degree cooler, the atmosphere a degree clearer and my thoughts, too, sometimes at least. Yesterday, I forgot my scarf […]

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new horizons   i found myself in an odd conversation with friends yesterday where one of them revealed that he had by now travelled to 88 different countries and was seriously looking to do more. i still can’t quite believe it even though i know his work involves lots of travelling – he actually says that most of it is leisure travel across europe and reminded me of all the small little countries we’ve actually […]