manifesto of the openhearted // (c) petra hilgers // 15 april 2015: not in order of priority. not a linear list of things. a wiggly wobbly wacky tumbling out of my mind and heart. my wise-me speaking to my timid-me so ‘you’ still means ‘me’.

Manifesto 1-6 xsManifesto 7-11 xsManifesto 12-17 xs

*and if that’s challenging: try to see the hurts & hopes underneath the un-great…

**automatically meaning true, meaningful & compassionate dialogue that is about seeking deeper understanding and growth…

***and make sure to never use ‘the wonderful…‘ to introduce a person: everyone has a right to be human with quirks & foibles, boring & outrageous sides, inspirational & challenging aspects; they are not a wonder. Wonders are 7: they are ancient, at risk and admired on postcards & cheap merchandise…


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