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It’s the hidden things… Yesterday the sun x-rayed lace curtains onto the old kitchen tiles sharp like a boning knife’s edge cutting through the yellow of years of pots hissing on hobs    froth spitting out of angry mouths the stainless steel extractor fan thundering swear words above hands wielding ladles    lids    liquids    dousing appetites with cost-effectiveness. Lace shrouds    clouds    those put away in rooms too large to keep clean […]

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never, never, never give up i have just spent about 45 minutes writing and re-writing and re-re-writing something about being disheartened and regaining courage – i was just about okay with what i had come up with when through some accidental keyboard combinations i lost my entire text. my entire 45 minutes struggle. all that was left was the heading. i don’t know what more to say about the fact that i’ve been having quite […]