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Something has shifted. It began recently on a Sunday in September when I woke up from thoughts of doubt and betrayal, feeling perfectly uneasy, first, then angry which was almost a relief. Since then things kept changing. Every new day another leaf fallen, the tree a bit barer, the light a degree warmer, the air a degree cooler, the atmosphere a degree clearer and my thoughts, too, sometimes at least. Yesterday, I forgot my scarf […]


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A friend has offered me her space on the Sussex coast while she and her partner are travelling. A space with a cabin and a caravan, chicken and greenhouses, fruit trees and wood pigeons, a kitchen and WiFi. A space to escape from a hectic summer with a few blows – the shock of Brexit, the discomfort of a back injury, the uncertainties of my relationship that’s now come to a sudden full-stop in mid-air. […]

about nail polish, the anxiety of being in the way and experimenting with new liberties


The other day I found myself ticking the box ‘do you consider yourself part of a minority‘ and was a bit shocked myself about that. Yes, for some time now I’ve been feeling increasingly aware of my status as an EU citizen – or ‘migrant’ as it’s now often referred to . And of course it’s far more complicated than the simplicity of a perfectly square tick-box suggests: for once, nobody among my friends in […]