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I wish I could start writing about Brussels all over again. I wonder whether I’d still have to explain that it was actually Mechelen we went to and never Brussels though we did have a golden afternoon in Brussels that ended on a high look-out – the city, framed by dirty baby-boy blue with pink stains in it, to our feet. Ashen but ready to rise as we walked back down into it. Also, I […]

honouring a place of dark

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black eye now that wall I remembered a face of a young woman chiselled out of plaster revealing a matrix of red bricks tearing her out wind tearing her hair apart another wall in another city same not-quite white wall large black eye traced with carbon paper like mascara smudged down a cheek white wet puffy what happened before carelessness played havoc carelessness played played played don’t play with fire we all blamed the girl […]

pic of the week

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surreal i can’t quite decide which of the things that hit me this past week i find most surreal: the picture that was painted of London at a public meeting in bow about the olympic missiles, which was one of a security obsessed Government (spending more money on the olympic security operation than it’s predecessor China!) that’s driven by politics of fear and promotes  the militarisation of our city in the name of “security”. or […]