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an offering…

Portrait / Travelling

… of a poem that I wrote during my week in Scotland recently… my mother thinks my life is a going-round-in-circles barefeet on grass after a snowstorm I don’t feel the cold follow the bends the steps of the many before me between old stones worn smooth from pressure, friction and distance then brought up here by determined hands I imagine them large in the centre I find a stone with thin waves of sediments laid […]

mornington bear

Mornington Bear / Portrait

mornington bear i first met him outside our house at 08:12 on Monday morning perched on a wee little chair like mornington king i was late for a safeguarding training we met again 5 days later he was sitting in a dark corner of No 13 i let him into the sunlit conservatory where he studied old collectors books on Sunday morning he begged me to run him a bath – he had a proper splash kept singing […]