it feels a tiny bit weird to put my personal manifesto out there at this point in time when all political parties are publishing their manifestos to tell UK people why they should vote for them. my manifest is not about being votes; it’s entirely & absolutely not about even getting approval from anyone. so if you don’t agree: fine. it’s for myself, to give me some direction and – as i read somewhere in my ‘manifesto research’ (see ‘manifesto pt 1’) – to challenge me. apparently that’s what a proper manifesto should do: challenge. i took that with the challenge quite serious so refrained from my urge for order (with this i mean: i once had a lecturer who was obsessed withGliederungsästhetik‘. this impossible german word translates to something like ‘aesthetics of structure’ and she applied this to academic writing where she felt that each heading should have the same number of sub-levels and sub-headings; each title about the same number of words and so on – so that a glance at the table of content would generate in the reader a feeling of harmony and beauty…) the strong voice in me that loves order wanted to have every aspect of my manifesto to have a similar sentence structure but thanks to the challenge i allowed some more creative, impatient and organic voices in me to win and so what follows is not orderly, is also not an order of priority nor a linear list of things, just a wiggly wobbly wacky hodgepodge tumbling out of my mind and heart.

it’s mostly written in the ‘you’ because it’s my wise-me speaking to my timid-me so you still means me

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