Month: April 2015



it feels a tiny bit weird to put my personal manifesto out there at this point in time when all political parties are publishing their manifestos to tell UK people why they should vote for them. my manifest is not about being votes; it’s entirely & absolutely not about even getting approval from anyone. so if you don’t agree: fine. it’s for myself, to give me some direction and – as i read somewhere in […]

manifesto pt 1 and 1/2

Manifesto / writing about blogging and blogging about writing

[thought in progress – not yet complete…] I know my tendency to make it long. and I knew that this would prove challenging when writing my manifesto because how would I ever find an end when surely there are endlessly many truth that deserve to be included? one evolving from another like an echo bouncing off long, narrow walls, always creating new and slightly different sounds. or the view on top of a mountain where […]