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Between The Years

in some parts of Germany we call the time between Xmas and New Year ‘between the years’ – Zwischen den Jahren. i like that expression because it really captures this weird in-between meandering around Winter Solstice and the strange shift from the often quiet, homely and potentially slightly solemn Xmas family days on the sofa to the loud party time of New Year on the streets… in Germany the end of the calendar year is also the end of the financial year so a lot of offices will be busy finalising their accounts – and i remember as a child that lots of shops would close ‘between the years’ to be able to do their annual inventory so even the town would feel weirdly in between busy and quiet.

i’m also feeling a bit caught in between at the moment and have a bit of a blog crisis – i was lying awake in the early hours yesterday morning wondering why i’m actually doing that blog?

how come it’s become one of those petra-projects that i do with so much discipline and dependability that i forget why i started it in the first place?

what difference does it make – to myself, first of all, to others, you?

is it about proving that i can write and take pictures? or is it about keeping a record? is it about self-expression? or is it about having a voice and stepping into my power? is it about adding a voice into the mix of voices from the media, journalists, opinion makers – just one voice but one that ensures a bigger diversity of seeing the world?

i’ve lost track of what i’m to do with this blog and realised i don’t want to just keep doing it because that’s what i do faithfully every weekend. so i’ll take a break for a month or so to think this over.

if any of you reads this post i’d be grateful for any feedback why you read this – what you get out of it – what you think about my questions. thanks!


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  1. Hi Petra, I am only writing now because I meant to respond immediately but didn’t!
    There isn’t time to read all the postings, all the tweets, all the everything that is beginning to crowd into my new open-ness to social media. But I do read yours:
    Why? Because you convey your immediacy and presence in your writing as you did when you stayed in the cabin. And I enjoy what you have to say. I am finding blogging throws up many questions for myself. So if you are wondering whether you want to continue then you have to reassess for yourself. The other aspect I find is this ether continuity of connection. It all goes into the vast ether unknown. Strange form of publishing. It’s good isn’t it to have a break and reflect what you want out of it again. all best wishes for 2015 whether you blog or not, Monica

  2. amammarella says

    Hi Petra

    Here’s a little feedback about your blog.

    I don’t always read all the posts – it depends on how busy I am – but when I do I really enjoy the way you write, your ideas and reflections and for me it’s a way to ‘know’ what is happening in your life even if I haven’t seen you in flesh for months. So for me your blog is definitely about your self-expression and about adding a voice that ensures a bigger diversity in the world.

    I was struck by this how come it’s become one of those petra-projects that i do with discipline and dependability that i forget whey i started it in the first place? Do you remember the reasons why you started this blog? If they are still valid, why not continue? Perhaps you could be more fluid with the amount of posts you write and do them when you feel like it rather than because you should.

    I hope this helps!

    Thank you for stopping by the other day – it’s always good to see you even if it’s for a short time.

    And I wish you a very happy new year!

    Love, Angela xx

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