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the last few weeks were very busy and I struggled making space for creativity – but this week I made up: doing some of my favourite things (writing, photography, spinning yarn) in my favourite spaces (cafes, my room, the cemetery). maybe I should let you guess which ones I did where?

here’s a little help: the old tower hamlets cemetery is one of my favourite places and I took part in a very inspirational little photography workshop there on Saturday that was all about taking in landscape, detail, travelling and time as ingredients for creating photo stories. I learned about the art of stop motion pictures (capturing movement in a sequence of stills) and felt so enthusiastic that I spent all night yesterday finding out how I can turn them into little ‘films’ and share them on my blog. I believe I succeeded and even though I’ve got a slightly stiff body from all my computer research I’m also enjoying my sense of achievement.

the 2 stories are quite short and simple: one is the story of what could simply be a dead leaf caught in an abandoned spider web in a dead hollow tree trunk – but adding movement, light and colour to it it looks far from abandoned or dead!

the other one is about red tape and thinking that even something like death is surrounded with so much bureaucracy and regulations – an attempt of trying to control magical transformation?

and while I was in the middle of composing stories I had a number of unexpected encounters including this green parakeet on a branch near me. so here’s simple still as well. making up!

Parakeet xs


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