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no more austerity*

Tories are mean boys xs

what we do

and we march and

I hold no placard

easy to pick up where other

marchers got tired of them

only cleaners now to

pick them that’s

what they get paid for

and badly

and we march and

I hold my camera

pick up the joy around me

the colours behind ‘trident’

primary [school] blue, red, green, yellow

marching well together

and we march and

I shoot colours, joy, a flower

garland around a bicycle frame, two

fox-face-gloved hands around

a placard stick

and we march and

I pick up the voice of the single

drum of the monk faint and persistent

like a heart beat

what do we want?”



and meaning

and we march and

it’s not my heart today as

we march and

what if it’s easier to march

than not?


*’No More Austerity – Britain Needs a Pay Rise‘ National Demonstration on 18.10.14


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