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Joy and John

I spent the last week in the Cabin on the Hill to have some creative time out. A friend gave me a book of poems by Benjamin Zephaniah to take along and I started reading them on my first evening. I went through the table of contents to find the ones I wanted to read and don’t know what called me to ‘The Death of Joy Gardner’ because I’m not drawn to macabre or dark stories. I found it very powerful and unsettling and because I didn’t know what the poem was about I ended up spending some time on the internet reading up about it. Something about Joy‘s dramatic and I imagine politically very controversial death through state authorities reminded me of the ‘Tiki Love Truck I saw very recently in an exhibition which had also prompted me to do read up about the background story: another dramatic and politically very controversial death through state authorities. I had felt quite unsettled about John Joe Ash Amador’s story, something about the Russian-doll-like unfolding of killing and pain seemed very unresolved. But at least thanks to Benjamin Zephania I found my way of expressing my own unresolve: my poem is below. Let me know what you think!

Blessed are the cracked... xs

remembering a visit to the V & A

the orange truck stood in the very back

splendidly decorated like for la Dia De Muertos

the colours of fire and desert and pumpkin

garlands of pink plastic flowers, painted sea shells, packs of grinning skulls and a

pieta that seemed to play back the painfulness of all from a young face’s tight skin

he took the cast for the death mask in a wooden cabin just hours after 402 had died with the wife holding her husband’s cold hand, so I read years later in a wooden cabin where the sun’s breaking through heavy clouds over the trees, and think of his last journey into a forest after a decade of waiting, appealing, praying, growing up, older, angrier because people with capital don’t get capital punishment, he says. they say it’s because he was poor and Black and Hispanic and I say it was probably also because he was male

32 and taking the long walk

18 and accused of killing a taxi driver he says he never killed

14 and nobody said whether his step father had really abused him for years

before he helped killing him

three dead men

a lot more anger and

a love truck decorated in a mosaic the colours of Frida Kahlo crowned with his death mask



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