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…there was a jumper. however, it wasn’t just any odd jumper but a very odd one that had been hand made by myself following no pattern just the curiosity of the yarn – which had been hand-spun partly by myself: the product of even more curiosity (described endlessly in earlier posts).

so here was my odd jumper made from un-treated un-dyed wool and because it was looking a bit odd and it was summer i ended up not wearing it all that much. still, one Saturday evening after i had been wearing it at a wild bonfire i realised it had caught on quite a bit of smoke and dust and could perhaps do with a little wash. i forgot about that again until one day i was collect white clothes for the washing machine and had still quite a bit of space. i wondered whether to put in the odd jumper – i knew perfectly well that one shouldn’t wash woollies in the machine but i was only going to do a 30° delicates cycle and my woollen socks didn’t seem to mind that. also, i reckoned that the worst thing to happen would be that my jumper would come out a little felty – which would only add to its oddness but nothing worse.

deep down i was also just curious what would happen to the odd jumper and i let curiosity have the better of me and in it went.

out it came not just felted but (on hindsight i remembered my sister telling me about that) also shrunk to about 40% of it’s original size. perfect toddler size – and strong, thick and warm like a shell. part of me knew that i was supposed to feel really upset about this or at least gutted or guilty – but i actually didn’t. i just cracked up laughing and had my housemate take a picture of me holding it against my body.

i told my mum about it expecting a lecture about how this was doomed to have happened and what a waste etc. etc. however, my mum only appreciated that this had happened to her as well some time with a very nice scarf. from there she moved straight on to getting excited about all the things i could do with my felted shrunk piece of oddness – slippers, a hat, a shoulder bag – and how i was supposed to stitch up the felted thick material. i have to admit that i was almost shocked how non-plussed my mum was about my big fat mistake and it reminded me of all the times when i was a child and she rescued craft projects with pure mum-magic by turning mess-ups into something very clever – almost as if there isn’t such a thing as a mistake only a creative opportunity.

so here’s the result of my curiosity: a warm hat for the winter which is so tough and weather proof that i could almost wear it as a bicycle helmet! curiosity saves the winter…

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