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the last few weeks we got pods of peas in our veg box, they are so beautifully green! and i like how ‘peas’ and ‘peace’ sound the same to my german ears. here’s my reflections on collective nouns, wholeness and peace from early this morning.

the air full of sound and novelty

a reflection of white steam in the window pane that must have been cleaned recently and still sparkles in front of delicate wooden blinds

the one above pushed half open like a mouth ready to praise the new morning as the birds do with a chatter of chitter, chirps and rattlesome tweets

the butterflies won’t be around for much longer and it is untimely to wear shorts that I wear anyway as the wind sways the leaves off the trees above me

what will we do with our mornings when the darkness returns to embrace us firmly like metal rings hold a wooden barrel

I have seen barrels snapped open underneath in their effort to break out; it always costs and the brokenness might be how it’ll begin to become whole


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