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i’ve just gone back to my Alexander Technique classes after a long-ish break. this week i remembered that before the long-ish break we worked on doing things with as little effort as possible. again, i was struck by my auto-pilot which wants to force things about instead of allowing them to happen. good food for thought. slow food. for thoughts that i’ll allow to bubble up.

here’s two amazing things that happened on me this week: a beautifully crafted love-coffee in an East London cafe and a beautifully crafted piece of a 7-mile-long pink scarf (to which i only contributed one single meter, and not this one). over 5,000 knitters and crocheters helped to make it long enough to last from AWE Aldermston to AWE Brughfield in protest to the Government’s plans to renew Trident (read more about the campaign here).

Love.Peace Love.Slow


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