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my sister and her husband have always been crazy about cycling. earlier this year they’ve decided that now that their daughters are old enough to be left to themselves they might as well feed their cycling passion a bit more and bought themselves a ‘Hase Pino‘: a tandem where the front is a recumbent cycle and the back an upright one. they’ve now given this a proper go when they celebrated their wedding anniversary with a 2-week tandem tour through parts of Northern Germany that are also part of my sister’s (and mine) childhood. this involved cycling through Münster which is always hailed as Germany’s bicycle city. and rightly so given the infrastructure that exists for the around 300,000 residents that own between them around 500,000 bikes. for real: each resident owns on average 1.67 bikes.

according to the city council, Münster has over 100 bicycle shops in and 35%-40% of all travels within the city are made by bike. no need to mention the number of highly functional bike racks – including those in 3 multi-storey parking decks – bicycle lanes, and other facilities geared towards cyclists’ needs…

i’m still blown away by this: imagine to be the odd one out when you don’t cycle instead of – which is my daily experience – when you do cycle. imagine going out with friends who’s first thing on arriving at the chosen club, bar or theatre is also to find the loo in order to change from practical & sweaty bike outfit into glam. imagine a city where cycling is so much the norm that people go to their own wedding on their bikes. imagine cycling through streets where the only fumes you’re forced to inhale are those from sweaty bodies around you because cars are not permitted anywhere near the city centre. imagine bike lanes that lead logically through the whole of the city and don’t just disappear into thin air. imagine there being enough decent bike racks, changing facilities and lockers at work and places to hang dripping water proofs. imagine a city where you don’t even notice the Tour de France passing through because it’s just another group of cyclists in amongst all the other people on bikes…



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