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cut outs

in our ‘artist circle’ we did paper cut-outs yesterday using a mix of our own writing (cup up) and magazine cut outs. i always find it very liberating to not be precious about things and this felt like a crazy way of up-cycling our own work – with the emphasis on ‘up’!

the added challenge to cutting up our own work was to reproduce something with it within the shortest time frame possible, so no space for perfectionism or over-thinking. see my result below and tell me what it means to you!

CutOuts Low

the book of…


inside last Sunday there’s a revolution.

the book, in fact, said not to run along people. never.

the teacher, a big believer, misjudged her and in a very polite and

Marks & Spencer’s way, a life had the courage to slowly protest.

I stepped in the queue all flustered for I felt panic and rebellion and

to my great shock found that behind me in long corridors

rules and order stopped having whispered conversations,

and you turned to me to talk of a different life.

saying that ‘it was a tortoise‘ – ‘it was a turtle

as if these doors felt sorry with us.

you tried to do something and accidentally placed the surprises beneath my ideals,

apologising again.

fuck ‘I’m sorry‘ and choose sensuality dressed thoughtfully after her bike ride.

when she was younger, she thought.

don’t look back.



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