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fencing off

this week i had quite a few hormone-inspired conversations including a chat with my sister about her teenage daughter currently tumbling through emotional tsunamis, a conversation with my friend about her curious habits during her recent pregnancy and a rant with a colleague about period anger and how much darkness it takes up in some of our lives.

it prompted me to write a poem that i didn’t ever consider sharing with anybody else because it feels very intimate – but then i remembered the other conversation i had with my business partner about Action Aid‘s current, amazing and very brave campaign about the impact of periods on women’s lives, especially vulnerable women, refugee women, women without access to any products they’d normally like to have to deal with their periods.

i think it’s long overdue that we talk more about periods. so here’s the poem i wrote:

one day


one day

each month

twelve days each year

over three hundred days of my life



that deep growling fouling anger

rising inside like a genie seeking revenge

galloping walloping through my soul

tearing out anything good

swallowing wallowing any last resistance

and silent cries of sweetness


that sharp relentless stroppiness

heaving inside like a sailing ship in stormy waters

tossing bossing through my mind

tearing apart anything whole

a mutiny of thoughts brewing stewing and

rioting against any left love


that cold slicing icing hatred

poking inside like a broken umbrella by the road side

pricking ridiculing my heart

tearing away anything warm

the torn red fabric mocking cocking and

having the last laugh


not over yet

stay away


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