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Branscombe 1

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a three week gap and a change of season: from peaceful deliberate-ness to hectic busy-ness.

the gap mocking the lack of space in my life as i allow once again work, productivity and efficiency to take over. but not entirely. in the midst of deadlines and the incessant flow of electronic communication of emails, phone and text messages i sneaked out for a weekend to the coast in East Devon.

i resisted the temptation of answering work phone calls and checking emails on my phone. luckily, in a moment of wisdom and self-recognition i had booked myself on a 1-day creative outdoor workshop which helped keeping up the resistance. we did a collaborative peace of ‘landscape art’ on Branscombe Beach: creating a circle of patterns and stories by starting with each designing one segment of our own at first (following the idea of using one colour or one material) and then negotiating the connections and pathways between the different segments.

i found that so calming and felt much more aware of myself and the environment that i spontaneously did my own piece of ‘beach scape’ the following day. i had discovered a grey pebble with a single red line going through it and decided to look out for other lined pebbles. that proved much more challenging that i would have thought: Branscombe doesn’t have many pebbles with thin lines. but my scanning the beach and picking up promising stones inspired an interesting conversation with a couple that had come out in search of fossils. i had pretty much no knowledge of fossils whatsoever and therefore not even been looking for them – or, as it turned out, not seeing them because they were just there right in front of me on a large boulder that had fallen off a cliff above us at some point which i tried not to think too much about.

so as i went on searching for pebbles with single lines i kept getting distracted thinking i had spotted an amazing fossil. i never did. and then found a rare stretch of sandy beach and decided to stop looking altogether and use what i had found to create. a good challenge to someone obsessive like me: when is it enough? when can i stop gathering and start creating? when have i done enough preparation and can just go for the doing? what to do with the thought that the best ever pebble might still be lying out there maybe right by my foot if only i was to bend down and turn them all around, and then the ones next to these and the other ones…

stopping. just doing what’s possible at that moment with what i’ve got, accepting there may be gaps and knowing that the tide will wash it away within the next few hours was very liberating.

Branscombe 3

Branscombe 4


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