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Coots 1

our house has a new excitement after the joys and sadness of the fox cub: coots. not quite in our garden even though we’ve got a tiny pond. but in vicky park where they’ve been talk of the town over the past few weeks because of their decision to nest right next to the cafe in excellent view of promenading people. we’ve been exchanging regular updates at home about other nests that we spotted nearby and then this week val new that finally the first little coot chicks have hatched.

so i went to pay them a visit and welcome them to this part of east london. i spent a blissful morning hour watching coots family life. some families were a little ahead of the others and already taking their little ones on swimming outings while others were still guarded over by protective mums. but all of them were frantically busy feeding their ravenous off-spring: those still in the nests depended on their male partners collecting and dropping off food offerings while those on family swim-outs kept diving for delicatessens and fed it right into the open beaks of their little ones. the highlight seemed to be bits of stale bread thrown in by people on the shore.

then i finally realised that i was sandwiched in by two human mums each with a human toddler who were showering bread into the lake that was then picked up by a coot mum and fed to her coot toddler and it was difficult to say who was the most delighted by this food chain…


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