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the little fox cub in our garden has died. it lived a short and probably slightly crazy life in close proximity to 10 adults who absolutely adored it. it lived a powerful life in that it has touched us deeply – and inspired ongoing conversations about death… below are my musings.


Fox and THCP 1


I often wonder where wild animals go to die…


there are about 140,000 grey squirrels across Britain

and about 33,00 urban foxes

some 10,000 foxes live in London; and will they die?


the body of a fox cub the size of my shoe lies

underneath a layer of dark earth now wet from rain and

cloddy like a cheap synthetic duvet


when I saw it dead on Tuesday morning behind the water butt

its once fluffy shining fur was rain soaked and patches of hair

were stuck together looking thin and bare


now clumps of soil are pressed into it and soon it will be

inseparable from the earth around, and

the eyes that found the sun too bright will squint no more


i read that the eyes of fox cubs

are blue at first and only turn into a shade of warm amber

the colour of freshly brewed tea some weeks later


i feel blessed having been allowed close enough to the fox cub

when it was still alive to see that

its eyes were no longer blue


i feel blessed having been allowed close enough to the fox cub

when it had died to know that

it had gone






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