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tiger & turtle

TIger & Turtle at night Duisburg from Tiger & Turtle

this week i’ve been in the final stages of writing our book about the ‘The Fox and the Tiger’, our recent deep:black project involving photography and storytelling. my team colleague has edited the whole draft and got back to me with her thoughts and comments – which i felt surprisingly nervous about because i then realised how much ownership i felt over the whole piece of writing. it was also a very empowering experience and a necessary step of letting go and making more sense!

i’ve also been introduced to the acclaimed Bangladeshi poet and story teller, Shamim Azad who has not only offered to write a comment for the book – but, it turns out, will run a Bengali literature festival at Rich Mix on the same date that we launch our book at Rich Mix: her event is split into a morning and evening session that will book-end our launch event. if that’s not magic?

at the same time some very distressing family issues have come up for our book designer who’s been on the book-journey with us for some months and developed some very creative ideas and images. right now i’m not sure whether she will ask to opt out and i’ll need to find someone else to design the book – a scary thought!


i’ve recently visited my friend in Duisburg and she took me to ‘Tiger and Turtle: Magic Mountain‘ – a walkable roller-coaster-like 85m high sculpture created by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth. it was built from zinc and steel that was left over from local mining operations; and despite my firm belief in the capabilities of steel i felt very scared walking around in it.


but the images from the sculpture have stayed with me during this week which felt quite roller-coaster like with moments of anxiety and flow, aloneness and collaboration, and a good dose of magic.




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