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This year I spent Women’s Day with a friend in Wuppertal, a former industrial city with a long line of inspirational & inspiring women including Pina Bausch (dance artist and choreographer), Alice Schwarzer (feminist, writer, publisher), Else Lasker-Schüler (poet and prose writer) and Helene Stöcker (feminst, pacifist and sexual reformer).

We discovered the sculpture park ‘Waldfrieden’ which literally translates to ‘forest peace’ and that’s what it is: an oasis of peace and creation. coincidentally they had a powerful Pina Bausch installation on but otherwise women were a bit hidden: only one of about 30 sculptures was created by a woman…

Mariana Ws World by Jaume Plensamariana w

jubilating through silentness

of stern looks and puckered eye brows

her voice breaks out

a tiny blob at first barely noticed but

it bounces off this wall of silence with a

delicious plong-plong

that brings about a ruffled flock of laughter

irresistible and unrestrained like

bunting flapping in the wind

silence impossible now

the thousand year old dance



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