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my friend jane has asked me to take some portraits of her for her website. i felt a delicious mix of very honoured (that she should ask me), very nervous (that I wouldn’t be able to do her justice) and very excited (that we would build more artistic links between us).

in the past, jane and i have done photo walks and talks together – that was when jane was still a part-time PHD student and a part-time museum’s manager. by the time she had finished her PHD, jane had realised that she needed to do something more creative and gave up her museum’s career to become a ceramics artist. i find that incredibly daring in a very inspiring way – and I love her ceramics.

so doing her portraits was for me a way of acknowledging our shared passion for photography, arts and daring to do what feels absolutely right; and an opportunity to appreciate her as someone very inspiring and encouraging in my life. 

i hope my pictures bring that across.

Jane 1


Jane 3

Jane 2

find out more about Jane’s ceramics on her website and on her facebook page.


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