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Mutilated Bike


this coming week it’ll be 10 years since i’ve returned from Gulu, Northern Uganda, where i lived and worked from 2001-2004.

sometimes those years seem so long ago and far away as if they happened in another life; then all of a sudden a little glimpse of something appears out of nowhere and brings the intensity of life in Northern Uganda back for a brief eternity.

this dead and mutilated motor bike was one of those moments – in Uganda i’ve often driven past the remnants of abandoned tanks (apparently form the Idi Amin era) and burnt out vehicles that had been ambushed by the rebel Lords Resistance Army…

for me these are short moment but i’m painfully aware that for my former colleagues, neighbours and friends in Northern Uganda this is still daily life.

today i stumbled across an article in the Observer that reflects on the power of memories for the local people in Northern Uganda both for personal healing and the healing of an entire people  – read here.

Mutilated Bike 2


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