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a friend asked me whether i had been very busy lately because i hadn’t updated my photo blog as regularly… yes, i am very busy at the moment and this ‘moment’ feels quite long by now. i don’t really understand ‘feeling busy’, ‘feeling overwhelmed’, feeling like i’ve never got enough time esp when i’m at the same time making conscious choices to do less: i keep evenings free for myself, i try every now and then to keep a day without any appointments including phone calls with friends and family, i’ve gone on holidays this year, i’m going to bed reasonably early… so i’m actually doing well on the boundary side compared to other years but as if overwhelmedness knows this: before i’ve had a chance to stop it has already crept into this freed-up space which then doesn’t feel spacious anymore. i’m beginning to understand that overwhelmedness has got something to do with my relationship with to-do-lists and the weight & urgency of some of the things on there (aside from my need to do these things maximum efficiently and high-standard). work-life balance is my new old aspiration. i’ve taken time to write a poem about time this morning…


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