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cycling home


I cycle home to East London after a heavy autumn shower. The wet tarmac sparkles in the evening sun; pictures of blue sky in puddles. Anatomically sharp.


dead cigarette butts

float in the oily puddle

rainbows emerge

Down an alley of plane trees that arch above me like a gothic cathedral, the canopy dense and dark, stretching right into the sky, poking holes through which the evening light falls like through a coloured stained glass window. The stems of the trees are dark pillars that hold.


bark peels off the plane trees

camouflaged in a war

against pollution


Getting home at dusk. The red side gate opens into the narrow alley way. The old brick wall with my finger prints: imperfectly repointed to hold it upright. The bike shed: a palace with silver lining, it’ll need water proofing before the winter. The lights are on in the kitchen.

rainy days


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