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red & spiky

i’ve had my sister around with her family for their summer holidays and really enjoyed hanging out with my now teenage nieces for some time. i have to admit that i don’t really envy them about being in that age: i remember how things got really just incredibly complicated when i was a teenager. i think the job description for a teenager would sound so full-on that i wonder whether any of us would really want to apply for it if it was on offer? for me it was such a time full of drama, of black & white and with always so much at stake! i was quite spiky and wary of family getting too close – and certainly my nieces struggled with closeness and spikiness as well: we had very stroppy moments followed by gentle neck & shoulder massages that we gave each other.

i love this picture of one of my nieces* surrounded by spikiness and for this moment not black & white at all. i took it at our all-girls day outing to ‘Broomhill Sculpture Gardens’ which we all found to be quite a magical and peaceful place the way it was integrated into rich forest and had again integrated the trees and a little stream into the story of sculptures from different countries telling tales of different eras and different dramas…

(*i thank her for giving me permission to publish the photo)



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