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is what this last week felt like. an insane work load eating well into my evenings; launching a book at my part-time job that i produced at an event that i was responsible for organising; being awarded grant funding for a deep:black project; thunderstorms in the middle of the morning followed by rainbows the same evening; bumping into my house mate at stratford/westfield both feeling slightly embarrassed being spotted in the epicentre of consumerism… and finally, finally, finally, after over 5 years of longing: being allowed into St.Clements.

St.Clements Hospital was built in victorian times as a work house, then became an infirmary, then the ‘Bow Institution for the long-term sick’ and finally a psychiatric unit as part of the London Hospital. It closed in 2005 and – hence – is another abandoned building. massive. fortress-like. dark. victorian. and around the corner from where i live.

i went to see an amazing theatre production by eyestrings theatre exploring mental health in shakespeare plays. It was performed in what used to be a theatre for St. Clements residents built in the 1970s – with a lot of creativity, courage and willingness to allow discomfort. because it was such a special evening i’ve decided to share 2 pictures; after all i missed a weekend in july!

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