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for my part-time job i’m based in peckham, in an office overlooking loads of roofs with pigeon-covered chimneys and barbed wire to the one side, long stretches of boarded off industrial waste land to the other side, and an ugly purpose-built complex behind us. i don’t know what this was ever used for when it was used ā€“ when i started in peckham it was empty, abandoned by the previous residents. some 2 years ago squatters moved in and gave the building (and our lunch breaks on our roof) new life. a few weeks ago the squatters were evicted and for a moment the site turned eerily quiet. the following morning the collectors arrived ā€“ i don’t really know what to call them but different men have come over the weeks to take apart and away with not clear logic. they mostly work on their own, banging and collecting their way through the abandoned buildings leaving behind a trail of destruction: the naked roof structure, mattresses, electric fans, empty window frames, sockets hanging out of the wall, a lonely fire alarm, graffiti on walls. i can’t help but finding it between very unsettling and very violent to witness this slow-motion looting: where’s the respect for a place that has a history; that has accommodated people; that has been someone’s home; that has witnessed human comedy and tragedy and stood firm…?



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