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wild poppy


living in london means i cannot avoid being part of conversations about wimbledon; i’m not in the least interested in tennis and when speaking with housemates this morning i realised again that i generally don’t enjoy watching others doing sport. least of all on tellie – i’m far too restless and much rather get active myself. housemate manny was trying to convince me of the beauty of watching long drawn out cricket matches; apparently they can go on for days… having grown up in germany i don’t understand cricket but am intrigued by the idea of such a slow sport; it seems almost the opposite of what competitive sport is about; the way he described it it almost sounded like a meditative version of a competitive sport: a group mediation involving bats, bright sunshine, bright green grass and bright white clothes.


you might wonder what this pop poppy photo’s got to do with slow white cricket – i took it on the cemetery the other day: a bright short-lived wild flower on an old victorian cemetery that in over 100 years has seen some 350,000 interments. Even though there are many babies and children among them that still makes it it least 350,000 years of life lived if we add these all together…


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