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this week had a lot of things unexpectedly popping up here & there and growing out of proportion. work seem to be prone to do that to me at the moment and when i saw this crazy piece of street art i thought of the funny english word ‘mushrooming’. problems, stress, deadlines keep mushrooming all over my desk and diary these days.

i think this picture looks like the word sounds to me and it’s helpful to think of the funny side of all this unwanted growth of unwanted issues in my life! after all it must look quite funny to see me trying to juggle ever more and ever bigger & bulkier things in ever shorter time and ever smaller space. so how about slowing down, taking a break, taking a photo and enriching german language: we don’t yet use ‘mushrooming’ as a verb in german (in notorious german fashion you have to use the very long expression ‘wie pilze aus dem boden schiessen’) so i’m going to make up for that now inspired by the english and invent: ‘pilzeln’. or if you prefer the bavarian version: ‘schwammerln’.





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