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black & white bike

black & white

today i walked with my house mate manny across the isle of dogs: from the recycling centre to mudchute farm via canary wharf and mill wall docks. i’m always amazed at the great contrasts here: from the piles of rusty, dirty, dead and loved-no-more items at the recyling centre to waterways bursting with life (we spotted a graceful crested grebe followed by an entire colony of entirely joyful gold finches); from forlorn-looking old wharf buildings and terrace houses (going up to number 607)and 1980s council houses where it seems nobody not even the architect could really be bothered to create homes to the vast cathedrals of glass and money where architects win prizes and managers bonuses… i find it sometimes very tempting and convenient to get stuck in very black & very white thinking. especially in a week where with news about how food banks are now overwhelmed by the steep increase in numbers of people depending on them because of a massive rise of poverty. a week where we received yet again a letter politely turning down a funding proposal of ours whilst in the middle of writing another one (the empty form already 11 pages long without having started to write any single word into it – for grants between a mere £500-£1500). a week where the cab driver who took us and our recycling to the isle of dogs told us he can hardly afford days off at the moment because he doesn’t make enough money anymore – after 12 years of cabby-ing through london.

black & white is not just easy and convenient, it’s beautiful, too, just look at this amazingly decorated bike i happened on in canary wharf. but, then, the brown saddle adds to the beauty. and the darker-shade-brown basket. and the not-bright but still colourful houses in the background. and the bright eyes of the person riding it…



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