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slowing down

Knittingafter a few very hectic weeks i’ve been trying to slow down a bit over the last few days. usually i have to do ‘slowing down’ quite slowly: i cannot just switch from 180 to 0. so having small tasks like visiting my friend jane at her stall in broadway market are very helpful. so are walks. cooking. knitting…

i saw this lady sitting on a bench in bethnal green as i walked back from broadway market. she was quietly knitting away (a heart with a pouch to put a message into) with a little child asleep in a buggy next to her. i took all my portrait-courage and walked up towards her to ask whether i could take a picture of her and publish it on my blog. she was very happy with that and with the same happiness told me about her different knitting projects (including some very inspiring up-cycling of her shopping trolley where she had managed to replace the frail top bit with a matching-colour knitted bit) and how she’s not bothering with patterns anymore but does entirely her own designs (she showed me a bright & perky set of had and gloves she had just done). she was so very enthusiastic both about her knitting and my photography and i was very glad that i happened to wear one of my self-knitted jumpers so at least we could share the enthusiasm!


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