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this week i did a 3-day course in ‘participatory photography’ with PhotoVoice and learned lots of practical and programmatic stuff about introducing photography to groups as a tool for self-expression and empowerment. my biggest anxiety about this was around technology and whether we would need to buy lots of expensive equipment to run such projects and whether we’d need to explain lots of complicated things about ISO, shutter speed and aperture (which i’ve learned many a times and have forgotten as often). so it was a big relief to realise that using photography in this way i all about simplicity and easiness and accessibility. For participants as much as for facilitators. And a lot about creativity and playing. Our very first practical task was a treasure hunt where we were each given the most basic point-and-shoot-camera and a list of 5 tasks to take pictures of including “something round”, “something in your favourite colour” , “something with a pattern”, “a portrait” and finally “a detail you think nobody else has noticed”. here is mine – so unnoticeable that i first thought it was a reflection of a tree until I realised it was the BT tower that i had not noticed until then…

Old and new technology quite interlinked...





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