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i’ve been doing lots of knitting this week. well, i think i’ve been doing lots of knitting all winter. i’ve actually just finished my new shell – at least that’s what my new cardigan feels like. made from british wool that according to rachel, the owner of the shop i bought it from, “can do a beating”. it really is so much more than a cardigan: it makes me feel safe and invincible and loved, and it’s the only reason whey the outburst of warm weather during the week was a bit challenging.


i read an article about the New Materialism in the latest resurgence & ecologist* where the authors quote writer Jane Bennett from her book ‘Vibrant Matter’ with the following very powerful lines: ‘so-called inanimate things have a life … deep within is an inexplicable vitality or energy, a moment of independence from and resistance to us and other bodies: a kind of thing-power’. I definitely felt the thing-power of my beating-resistant wool from my new shell when I was knitting it; maybe that’s why the finished piece feels so powerful?


*The New Materialism: Ruth Potts and Andrew Simms present a manifesto for falling in love with the material world – in a good way this time, Resurgence & Ecologist, May/June 2013, 22-23.


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