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what a surreal week this was: the bomb attack at the boston marathon at the beginning of the week with what almost seemed like an indulgence in playing different videos of the 2 explosions again & again & again for days in a row indicating the scale of trauma this might be. margaret thatcher’s funeral mid-week with journalists looking (hoping?) for signs of unrest & anger among the spectators and communities that still feel the trauma of her iron rule. now at the end of the week and the eve of the london marathon the preparations in full gear; helicopters hovering above already maybe because of the so-called ‘heightened security alert’ to avoid more trauma.

running parallel to that and somehow much closer to home (both geographically and in terms of my work) we had the deadly shooting of a young man in southeast london last sunday, a serious assault on 2 men in southeast london on wednesday and another deadly shooting of a man in north london yesterday.

when i think of this week i see blurry pictures in my head of either badly pixelated police photos of people dead or wanted, or the many videos of explosions made by shaky handheld cameras with an indistinguishable soundscape of terror and utter confusion. i’m reminded that there’s little that’s not somehow political – even a big sports and charity event like a marathon. i’m confused by comments about national grief and by pictures showing people waving national flags in commemoration events. i’m frustrated by the choice of which suffering & pain makes it into the news and how often and how big – and how little the big news of suffering & pain and the small news of suffering & pain are linked with each other and with some of the shared source for them, alienated communities and disenfranchised individuals. and how very few stories of hope and promise get shared…

i came across this scene of maybe someone’s escape in stockwell on thursday. it brings up questions about home & homelessness, rising inequality & poverty and also promise & hope. i think it’s about as surreal as my week esp with the stabbed and garishly bright-coloured father christmas near the very faded union jack decorated with some faded not-quite-crown-jewels (i promise: i did not edit the colours!) …


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