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i did quite a bit of being-tourist-in-london recently and went exploring 2 quite unlikely areas within the past week: deptford in south east london (full of great market stalls, curious art galleries, intriguing pubs and the fascinating st nicholas church that not only seems to have inspired the design of the skulls & crossbones pirate flag back in the days – see here for more – but became also christopher marlowe’s final resting place, a genius of an author who’s life & death is so wrapped in speculation and conspiracy theories that the church’s history pages resolve to say ‘it is hard to know the truth of his death except that it is recorded that he did die’ – read more about it here) – and ruislip at the very western end of the central line (thanks to the rain i didn’t make it all the way to the lido or the famous ruislip lido railway – instead came across a beautiful old church without pirates & poets next to the old manor farm with historic buildings dating back to the 13th century – one now hosts the public library and is certainly one of the most atmospheric warm-wooden-light public libraries i’ve been in – and an even older moat and earth works that is celebrated by artist georgia wisbey’s ceramics-willow installation ‘ea eard’ – find out more about it here

exploring for me absolutely involves venturing into local cafes and on both trips i found a friendly & peaceful independent cafe with such great coffee that i insist both of them have the best coffees i’ve had in years… here’s the ‘waiting room’ (SE8) and ‘H & H’ (HA4):


Waiting Room H&H



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