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i found myself in an odd conversation with friends yesterday where one of them revealed that he had by now travelled to 88 different countries and was seriously looking to do more. i still can’t quite believe it even though i know his work involves lots of travelling – he actually says that most of it is leisure travel across europe and reminded me of all the small little countries we’ve actually got in europe.


still, i was a bit baffled and curiously started counting my own travels – i had always assumed i’d done a lot – coming up with 24 countries. without this conversation i would have considered that a lot! i actually still think it a lot. a hell-of-a-lot. so how can someone get around to over 3 times as many countries?!? our mini travel-competition opens up lots of questions for me, a key one around whether travelling is a value as such (i kind of think so)? and what kind of travelling is valuable or maybe invaluable (does it need to involve border crossing? visa stamps? foreign money & language?)?


i don’t have the answer. but i did like it that this past week took me twice further east of london: to newbury park and brentwood. and i particularly liked the newbury park adventure because right until 2 days before that it hadn’t even existed consciously on my london map – but then a friend i was with bought a black & white postcard of newbury park station which he was very fond of and so it entered my london map. i was amazed to find myself right at the station 2 days later especially since it really is a very remarkable building…


Newbury Park March 2013


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