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this week was a bit intense and long with late nights in front of the computer – which always makes me feel quite alienated from the world outside. but luckily i had 2 very ‘worldly’ days towards the end of it enjoying old traditional crafts. yesterday i went to see the wool house at Somerset House as part of an artist date with my colleague – it’s been literally warming to see wool used so beautifully and in so many different techniques, styles and combinations. as someone with a sever knitting addiction i only regretted that i hadn’t brought my knitting along to sit in that mongolian-sheepskin-rug covered arm chair in the entrance hall where i could have spent all day knitting peacefully (next to a crochetdermied grizzly bear).

i left the installation very inspired and a good deal more earthed than i had felt before – and i was looking forward to more earthy tasks this morning: i helped my friend jane to set up her first ever stall at broadway market with her beautiful ash-heath-milk coloured ceramics. there wasn’t really all that much to do given that jane had prepared everything so well – and so i had plenty of time to take photos of her ceramics installation (and hide away from the wind and buy hot tea). 

wool house is only on until 23rd march – but jane sarre will be at broadway market forever (in the school yard) so check her out and place your orders…

Janes Mugs 1 Janes Mugs 2


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