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Yesterday was international women’s day. I celebrated! And I enjoyed feeling part of a global movement!! The Southbank Centre has an amazing festival going on in celebration of the day, the WOW (Women Of the World) Festival – and I was wowed by the contributions I managed to catch. Including space scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock who shared her story so far. So far as in: more is to come! She’s still working towards her biggest dream i.e. travelling into space. But she got incredibly far already especially given the bleak statistics she shared about the number of women in science (physics in particular) and engineering. And she’s infectiously excited about science in general and the space in particular – I mean, it’s like a play ground on an unimaginably gigantic scale: scientist guess that there are approximately 1 billion galaxies out there in our universe… And if that’s too approximate for you because after all we’re talking science then here’s a direct and very precise and very very overwhelming quote from Maggie, “we don’t know what 96% of the universe is made of” full stop. Or question mark?

I like the way this opens up not just a gender and education debate but also a whole spiritual dimension. The Guardian Weekly reported in it’s 30 December 2012 issue about a telescope facility in Australia that’s to look into these hundreds of thousands of galaxies and “will also help astronomers investigate one of the greatest mysteries of the universe: dark energy… Although no one is sure what dark energy is, it is believed to account for 73% of the universe…”

Here’s a picture of a spider web in the sun shine – or a spider’s universe lit up by a bright star with lots of dark energy around…

spiders universe


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