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my friend steve bethell had asked me to take some portraits of him this week for his new website. i was very honoured that he asked me and a little scared because i wanted to do him justice. steve is a psychotherapist and describes the qualities he brings to his work as “bravery, gentleness and good humour” and he wanted a portrait that is “real”. how to create an atmosphere that allows steve to feel real and brave, gentle, humoured while i dance around him with a camera in front of my face that’s targeted at him??? leave alone all the other things that impact on the quality of the picture, as our first trial showed: the light in the background, the light on the face, the angle, the quality of the picture in terms of hard/saft and of course the facial expression. it took as a while to get there and approaching the task with a lot of humour & tea as well as  honesty & respect for each other i think got us there in the end: this picture below was number 84 of the ones we took and is my favourite and i think very “real”.




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